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Labour Heritage publishes a regular bulletin, which is distributed to the membership. The bulletin contains full reports of Labour Heritage events and activities. Articles include original research by members of Labour Heritage on aspects of Labour history, with a focus on local history.

Recent articles include: Tom Paine, the 1929-31 Labour Government,  1929/31 and today’s economic crisis, Firestone’s Strike in 1933,  TRICO strike for equal pay 1976, United Glass Bottles strike 1960 in Charlton. Other articles include book reviews of recently published works including local histories and obituaries of both national and local Labour movement figures, commemorating the role of activists in the history of the Labour movement .

‘Non-members can buy copies at £1 (inc p&p) by ordering using our contact form.

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Contents of bulletins 2002-2018


Keir Hardie Centenary

The roots of Labour in a West London suburb -Ealing in the 1930s

The Rise of the Labour Party in East London 1880-1924