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Labour Heritage

Honorary President:  Wayne David MP

Labour Heritage promotes the history of the Labour Movement, particularly among Labour Party members, Constituency Labour Parties and affiliated organisations. The Labour Party has had a massive influence in re-shaping British society since its formation in 1900 as the Labour Representation Committee, and since it elected its first block of MPs in 1906, the year it renamed itself ‘Labour Party’.

Labour’s high point was the Government of 1945 with the bringing in of the modern welfare state, especially the National Health Service. The Party was built from below by the efforts of millions of ordinary people. Labour Heritage particularly encourages research, recording and publication of local Labour history to commemorate that contribution.

2006 saw the 100th Anniversary of the renaming of the LRC to the Labour Party. Labour Heritage is encouraging people at local level to write up the histories of their local parties. Contact us for more information.

Labour Heritage’s strength comes from our members who actively record local Labour Party history. Why not join in order to support our work, to learn about Labour history or carry out research yourself.  We can provide support and advice to members undertaking their own research.