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Libraries & Archives

Bishopsgate Library
Keir Hardie Society
Labour History Archive and Study centre
LSE Archives
Marx Memorial Library
The National Archives’ Labour history sources
Society for the Study of Labour History archives links
Trades Union Congress Library Collections
Warwick Modern Records Centre
Women’s Library
Working Class Movement Library

British Labour History

Attlee Foundation
Bevan Foundation
Bangor University School of History
Chartist Ancestors
People’s History Museum
Co-operatives Online
Cohse archive
Country Standard
Friendly Society Research Group
Hayes’ People’s History
Labour Party Official website – History of the Party
London Socialist Historians Group
Centre for Political Song
PSA Labour History Group
The Robert Tressell Centre
Ruskin College
Scottish Labour History Group
Society for the Study of Labour History
Spanish & Basque children refugees from the Civil War
The Union Makes Us Strong: TUC history online
Socialist History Group
Spartacus Educational – Labour History Encyclopaedia
Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum
The Trade Union Congress
Workers Education Association

American Labour History

The Illinois Labor History
The International Association of Labour History Institutions
Labor Heritage Foundation (USA)

Commonwealth Labour History

Australian left and labour movement history
Rewriting labour movement history (Australian)
Canadian Labour History
Quebec Labour History

European Labour History

Museum Arbeitswelt Steyer
The Workers’ Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
National Board of Antiquities, Helsinki
Centre des Archives du Monde du Travail
Museum of Labour and Technology, Hamburg
The Museum of Work, Norrköping


The International Association of Labour Museums
The International Cooperative Information Centre
WWW Virtual Library Labour History

Labour Heritage Members’ sites

Sean Creighton’s website

Simon Fowler’s Website
Heidi Topman’s site
Jason Thomas Williams

Socialist Societies

Socialist Health Association